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What Did You Do For You Today?

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I got the front rooms tidied up. :) Probably sounds small but when we were living in the trailor with the roomie it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep anything clean. I take pride in being a housewife,and one of those sources of pride is a clean house. :-)

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Honestly? Gave myself permission to cuss like a sailor when I broke a bone in my foot. Hurt like hell and frankly it felt good to scream like a lunatic.

Good for you!

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Today I had an incredibly intense session with Aqua, so I made a point to pay attention to my body afterward. Couldn't eat much, but made a point to drink as much water as I could.

And I didn't even try to prepare a lesson for Grey this week. She knows (some of) what I'm dealing with right now, and will understand if I cancel class.

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Secured a mentor who might be able to help me publish my book

Tamed the mess monster in the living room (slightly)

Cut an old ruined blanket up to line a pair of pants, so I can stay warm this winter on days when I ride my bike or take the bus

Spoke assertively about my views on social inequality and poverty

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I spent an hour with a lap full of cat.

BTW, a moving pen is a near-irresistible lure to a pounce-happy kitten. In other news, we have GOT to trim that critter's claws!

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Instead of cleaning my house this afternoon, or getting ahead on homework, or any other number of things I should be doing...

I did the bare minimum required to sustain a functional household (made cereal, did dishes) and then sat on my behind on my couch, posting on here and sewing on a non-essential project. I've been chillaxing since 4pm with no plans for significant further productivity.

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I stayed outside as much as possible. It was a perfect October day, golden sun and the sky too blue to be real. I splurged on Burger King, and bought myself 3 CDs from a music and games shop.

It was a lovely day.

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A guy (who I've seen on the bus many times) boarded the bus I was on, shouting into his phone, clearly having a breaking-up level argument with his girlfriend. He then sat directly behind me.

So why am I putting this in "What Did You Do For You Today"? My reaction to said guy.

I got off the bus. It didn't matter when I got home, and I figured it highly unlikely that he would somehow materialize on the next bus I caught. So I bailed, leaving him to stew in his negativity. It was a long wait, but I bought a soda and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine. It was, all things considered, a pleasant couple of hours. MUCH nicer than spending the whole ride downtown listening to him yell and plead by turns!

So yeah. I got off the bus waaaaaaaaaay before my stop, drank a soda, and enjoyed the sun. Nice. :)

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