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    For all my healing thusfar To God be the glory

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    Please don't call me Hun - sorry, it's triggering.

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  1. Hello Kate. Welcome. Sorry you need to be here but very glad you found us. I look forward to getting to know you.
  2. WillThrive


    Welcome Faith. Yes, we are a very supportive community and I'm glad you found us. I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  3. Took a little nap. I never take naps. It felt pretty damn good too.
  4. I did an extra 15 mins on my workout for a total of 2 3/4 hrs. I'm exhausted but I feel great. I hate January at the gym. All of the new years resolutioners were taking up all of the equipment. Its normally dead on Sat afternoon and it was packed. They all quit in three weeks anyway, but they are a pain for those three weeks.
  5. I had a deep tissue massage and then worked out for just under three hours. It was a brutal workout. I am sore all over and it feels great.
  6. Ditto.....drives me crazy. It tells me that I have successfully logged in, but I'm not actually logged in. I do it again and it tells me that I don't have access - yet I'm now logged in. The only way to access the forums at this point, however, is to click on my name and go in through my profile page. Once I do that, I'm in. Like SNM said, though, I can't stay logged in. For a while it was fine, but now if I leave the site I have to jump through those hoops all over again. Mods???? Okay, this is interesting. I ended up on this thread because I wasn't logged but I saw the title so I came
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