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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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I'm sorry, it's my fault.

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To the girls at school - Why for so many years?

To my father - Didn't you know you were ill?

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When judgment day finally comes, May God have Mercy on your very sick soul! May He wipe away all your sin and let you rest in peace. May each one you injured find comfort in your passing, that they may begin to heal.

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My eyes DID say no. (he kept saying, "your mouth is saying no, but your eyes are saying yes."... stupid bastard)

I'll let God judge you...

... He's harsher than I am.

Oh yea, and F*ck you!

i like this topic.

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Don't smirk at me, B*****d.

And then I'd want to wipe the smile off his face. I'm not really at the forgiving stage yet. I totally hate him.

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You won't control me anymore!!!!!!!!!

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At the time: You broke my soul apart.

18 years later: Only you have been here... :cry:

Touch me, so I learn.... :butterfly:

My body, belongs to you.... :tear:

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