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  1. I'm back after a long break

    Welcome back :-)
  2. New Member

    Working and going to school while raising kids is extremely difficult to do. I am sure that level of stress is not helping. As someone who returned to school in my 30'situation, and graduated, I understand the need to do it. University and Community College systems have help for free or greatly reduced rates for students. I hope you are in a position to take advantage of what they can offer. Whether it's help with course work or " life stuff." Take good care of yourself Hope4menow. You have a lot on your plate.
  3. Hi to all

    Welcome to AS Stacey.
  4. Returning Member - New Trigger - Old Feelings

    Welcome back Tinkerbelle, I am very sorry this family responsibility has fallen on you. I wish another person were available to address these care issues. Is a conservator an option? Rules vary between states. But it might be worth looking into if it creates a healthier situation for you. Take care.
  5. New here.

    Welcome to AS Makoshark.
  6. Hi

    Welcome Cryolite, I agree that your confused feeling are normal. Try to take one day at a time. If that fails, try for a few minutes at a time.
  7. Hi there.

    Welcome Valentina, I agree with you. I would prefer that the world not need this type of forum. But that is not the case. Take good care of yourself, and welcome to AS.
  8. Hello and an intro

    Welcome Scian
  9. Scared

    Welcome to AS
  10. Hello

    Welcome Steel
  11. Welcome Angel, Try not to worry so much about what you write. Just be honest, sincere, and patient with yourself. We discuss some difficult things around here. Everyone knows this, and is generally very understanding and supportive.
  12. Feeling Welcome

    Welcome Nel, I am sorry you had this experience. AS is a very safe site. I am happy you found us.
  13. Welcome Uni, I am glad you have found the site and hope you are taking good care of yourself.
  14. Saying Hi

    Welcome Rose
  15. First time here

    Welcome Resilientgirl