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    Thank you for posting this
  2. Hello

    Hi Phedre, I just finished being swamped with school work. I hope it lets up for you soon.
  3. Hello Everyone...

    Hi Dani,
  4. New Here

  5. Nearly Healed

    Welcome Andi
  6. New, Intro

  7. Hey Im New!

    I can relate to your stress. I have my last final on Monday and am here instead of studying right now. Take your time and be patient with yourself. It can take a long time to come to terms with what brought you here.
  8. Im New

  9. I'm New To After Silence!

    Welcome Lauren
  10. Merry Meet!

    Hi eddifiedtavious, I hope you are finding your way around. You are correct on CSA and most of our members use T to refer to their therapist. As for TSA, I don't know that one either, but I am not as active in the CSA related forums, so perhaps someone else can give you better guidance there. Welcome to AS.
  11. New And A Bit Overwhelmed

    Hi CajunLady, I hope you are finding your way around.
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  14. New Secondary