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  1. Welcome Gymrat. I am sorry for the circumstances that brought you here. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
  2. Based on what you are saying, I think it is likely that you were drugged. This is a rampant problem. But there is almost no enforcement to combat it. I am sorry this happened to you. Take care. Recovery is a very long process.
  3. I am sorry that you are struggling Justme3. I think it always comes back up. but we don't ever expect it to. take good care of yourself.
  4. Hang in there Tiffany, You are in a difficult place right now. things will get better . It just takes time.
  5. Welcome back Heavenly , This is a lot to deal with. try to take one day at a time. in so much as you can. you don't have control of the situation with the school. or of other people .
  6. You are correct when you say that he does not deserve that. keep up the good work.
  7. Welcome Iwillstand, Aniversaries are very difficult. Be patient with yourself.
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