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  1. Hi there, I was active on AS about 6 months ago but since then I was doing much better, I found a love for life again, I was adjusting to a new home and I was starting to feel safe in my own skin. But lately everything has flipped around. My flashbacks and nightmares are coming back with intense frequency, I'm doing horribly in my classes, Friends I've trusted turned on me, and they boy I love (the first one who saw my past as a battle scar rather than a broken piece) left suddenly for no other reason that he just didn't feel a relationship was his thing. Also I just learned that my Alma mater just reinstated the leadership position of my rapist, though their own administration issued him a year's suspension after finding him guilty of assaulting me. All my efforts to reach out to them have been ignored. Between those issues and the result of this election I'm feeling very unloved, uncertain, and unimportant. I don't have any friends close enough to discuss this at my new school so I am reaching out to the community here for a voice of reassurance. I hope I can make a new start ❤ Heavenly
  2. Hi there! I've been on the course of recovery for about two years now and still have a long way to go. There's still so many questions that keep me up at night (hence the 3 am post) so I am trying to give my boyfriend some much needed rest and reach out to those who can personally relate to what I'm going through. I have heard repeatedly the statistic that 1 in 5 women are victims of sexual assault. I look at my friends and classmates and think "someone here has to have their own story", yet it's not really a normal conversation topic even for close friends so I'm constantly left feeling alone and misunderstood. I'm hoping that this site will give me the peace I've been looking for. I'm excited to build a support team as well as offer my own experience and advice to others facing similar struggles. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Heather
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