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  1. I can relate to everything you just said. I tell myself the same things all the time.. thinking it wasn't that bad, not to mention it, not having any evidence, trying to convince myself it didn't happen, brushing it aside. But the thing that bothers me the most is that it distorts what sex really is and I actually ended up becoming addicted to seeing escorts. I know that will probably offend a lot of people. But I want to change and become a better person.
  2. Responded to your post above.
  3. Thanks for sharing. The flashbacks came back to me around the same time. And I also had a bad experience with a counselor that led me to attempt to stuff it down and avoid going further with any type of therapy. But it still affects me in every day life, so I decided to reach out to the counselor at my school. I'm 25 and go to university. What do you mean by the 'denial' phase? Can you explain more? It's good to meet you, and I'm happy for you that you made the decision to heal rather than let these issues control your life.
  4. Thanks for your response Mary. I will have a look around at the different theme topics. Thanks !! Thanks for the response. How old are you? If you don't mind me asking. What process led to you becoming a 'survivor'?
  5. Hello all, I'm new here in the hopes of finding a community of people who have been through a similar experience. I was abused as a child. The most difficult part for me has been that I'm a male, and this topic seems to be less talked about among males, for many reasons. I haven't fully healed yet, hence the reason why I signed up on this website. If you can point me in a good direction of any resource it would be appreciated. I hope you are all having a great day. I want to keep this short. Regards
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