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    Spending time with my handsome baby boy Bryce and husband. Reading, scrapbooking, and any other crafts.

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  1. Words can't describe how much I've missed u all!!!!!!
  2. Had computer issues for a few months and got so use to not being on here that I wanted to see how long I could go without talking about "it". But I've missed u all way too much!
  3. Your intro was great and you made perfect sense. Welcome to AS!!!
  4. When I first started talking to you I wanted to read more about your past so I could understand you better. I didn't want to have to ask about your daughter b/c I didn't know what kind of state you were in at the time. I looked back and saw someone named Whitewolf and automatically knew it was you. Not just b/c of the "wolf" in the name but just by the way you write. I love that about you. I feel like I'm sitting with you in the same room when I am reading your posts. I get the liar thing.
  5. Welcome to AS Viva. You'll learn that pretty much anything is "normal" when you're a survivor!
  6. Hey Magi, welcome to AS!
  7. Hey Martin, Welcome to AS!!!
  8. I do the same thing that Found does.
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