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  1. We did taping for our communication paper - had to tape a therapeutic interaction but it was with a drama student not a real patient. So it is a normal thing, it is a part of thier training but you are totally allowed to say no. Be aware that it mght be viewed by thier tutor. it is all confidential of course. Me personally I wouldn't! Not for this type of stuff anyway I guess the only real reason to go through ACC is for your treatment to be paid for. If you can afford to pay for it, or receive free/subsidised treatment elsewhere then that's cool too. I think the advantage of non-ACC is
  2. I got my first counsellor through the Rape Crisis centre, they set it up. I only saw her for a few sessions then stopped when I was due to have my second bub. After a year or so when I decided to go back, I didn't want to go to her as I didn't click with her, so the crisis centre put me with another one, who has been much better. The ups and downs have been; personally, having to face this stuff and talk about it which I never have before, bringing out many memories and stuff like that. I have gone through stages of not wanting to go through this process anymore and feel it would be easie
  3. Hi Mon (: Thanks, I am having ACC counselling too, has been very up and down.... nice to 'meet' you (:
  4. F**k you, you sick f**k I hope your death was painful
  5. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here from NZ? Who possibly has had dealings with ACC and so on... thanks
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