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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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To Jerry: Time to Join your Father! :angry:

To Jerry's Father, the Dead Donald: Glad you suffered before dying! :angry:

To my "uncle Fred": Judge This you whimpering coward! :angry:

To "uncle Fred" pedo porno pals : Got plans for you too! :angry:

To Joe: What happens when I come HERE? :wink:

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I'm not sure really....

I read this in a book and I agree with it but it's 7 words "I want to f*ck you with knives"

Also, "why me?"

"are you happy now?"

"I hope one day you know how much you hurt me"

"I hope one day you hurt as much as you've made me hurt"

"I don't care how much church you go to, you belong in hell"

"I you die slowly, painfully"

"I hate you"

"stop trying to do it again!"


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Why didn't you love me?

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i hope you die bas-tard!

burn in hell a-s-s hole!

there is so much more i can say but if i do then it wouldnt be pretty because i could literally explode right now just thinking about it. :ranting2:

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I hope you suffer, greatly.


You deserve to suffer greatly.

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VANISH from my life, as*hole. (in German, the pr*ck does not speak English)

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