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    The shadow monsters in the dark aren't really there.
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    I'm seventeen years old and despite all the monsters and skeletons in my closet I am in college. I've been raped three times. Well one of those times it lasted for two years. Yet that's not all of who I am. I'm not just the victim who screams in terror in the night. I'm not just the ignoramus who tests all the wrong boundaries. I'm also a seventeen year old girl. I have seventeen year old problems. I have a boyfriend (you're hard pressed to find me without one). I love to read and write and blow off my homework. I know how to drive a standard shift and I'm wicked smart (so I'm told). I show a rough exterior because I'm sick of getting my heart broken. Yet I'm just super sweet. I try not to let what people do bug me, but it hurts a lot. I do all that I can to be what others want me to be and to help others. It kills me to think of when I'm selfish. I try my very hardest to be as unselfish as possible. I give money to the people on the sides of the roads with the signs. I volunteer. Everything that I do somehow is to help others. Even with school. I want to be a nurse so I can help others, and a teacher so I can help kids. I teach swimming lessons so I can help those kids who need it and be a positive role model. I get hurt way to easily by what people say and do. I'm always there for others, but I'm reluctant to talk about myself for very long. No one can help me anyways. I'm just to broken for that. If you want to get to know me. If you ever want any help with anything I'll always be here. Just message me if you ever want to chat.

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  1. Newbie Alert!

    Hi Monica. Hi beepa. Welcome to the site. I hope it helps you out. If you guys need anything don't be afraid to ask. Just PM me.
  2. Can I Get A Ride?

    That was a wonderful, but melancholy, piece of writing there. I can't wait to read your posts. Welcome to AS. Hope it helps.
  3. New Here And Really Afraid I Wont Be Welcome

    First thing I want to say is WELCOME. No one here will reject you. I mean, the category of these topics is WELCOME. So you have already been automatically welcome. There are plenty of men here who are going through similar things that you are. This is a wonderful site full of wonderful people, and you will get all the support that you need. Don't be afraid to ask for it if that's what you need. We are all here to help each other through these tough times. Oh, I'm sure your children are wonderful, although teenagers are a handful. I should know...I am one. haha. I hope you find your path to healing here. PM me if you ever want to talk, or have any questions.
  4. Hi

    Hi, welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the situation that brought you here, but I'm glad that you found us. All of the people on this website are amazing, so supportive and helpful. Feel free to PM me anytime you want to.
  5. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    My Dad told me this recently: "Why didn't you kick him in the balls?" I told him it was because he was sitting on my chest at first and also I was in F*cking shock! I saw another post that said this too: "You school work is number one right now." A school counselor said this to me: "Well guys are just like that" "God just made them that way, it's like a car going 100 mph and sometimes it's just so hard to stop" I'm sorry but what the F*ck! Nothing, nothing gives the right for someone to do that. Nothing gives a person the right to violate another person like that. My counselor today: "Well you need to deal with it." Really!? You think!? It's just a little bit harder than just saying it! Don't you think that I'm F*cking TRYING!? It's not like I'm twiddling my thumbs thinking, oh these are such lovely feelings, they just fill me with joy. I'm dealing with it the best I can! She's actually quite a good counselor. "Well it kinda was your fault" "You have a little bit of blame in this." Oh, the best one was from him: "It isn't your fault. It just happened. I didn't mean to. It was an accident." A F*cking accident!? He didn't take responsibility at all! But of course, why would he?
  6. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I'm sorry, it's my fault.
  7. The Healing Quotes Thread!

    "We cannot do great things in this world, we can only do small things with great love." - Mother Theresa "Kind words can be short, and easy to speak, but their ehoes are truly endless." -Mother Theresa "No guy is ever worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry." I can't remember who it's by, but I remember that it was a ten year old girl who said it...I think. "Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." - Batman Begins (I know, dorky right?)