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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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You will get paid back!!!
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To the first one,

Why me I'm your grandchild?

To the second one,

Why me Why lie, Why?

To the third one,

You knew what happened why?

To my ma,

Did / Do you ever belive me?

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Something someone said to me the other day got me thinking about what I would actually say to my abuser if I ever saw him again. And I started by thinking about all the swear words I could use and then about how much I hate him etc, and how I feel. And I could say so much to him and hurl so much abuse at him. But then I thought, if I could only say 5 words to him, what would those 5 words be. Of the thousands of words in the english language, what five would I pick to express everything I feel towards the man that I love the most in this world, hate the most in this world, yet at the same time am most scared of in this world. So, feel free to add :)

The five words I would say are;

"Let this go - you're forgiven"

You have not destroyed me!

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Firstly, I just wanted to say that I was browsing through this thread and I'm in awe at the powerful messages that people have posted. Thanks to everyone for sharing their words with me, and for expressing themselves without holding back. :hug:

My words to them:

You cannot break me, anymore.

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i really liked two previous posts:

"look what you have done!"

or (slightly modified)

"nobody will mourn for you"

they are both so true and pretty much some it all up. :-/

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Dad, you ruined the first half of my life

You made me feel guilty about everything what happened in that ugly house.

I still can't believe what you did

How can an adult do that to his own six year old child?

You made my life a living hell until I was 20

I am 37 now, the second half of my life is MINE, I am the one who have control over it this time, you hear me? and from now on I am going to make every possible effort to be happy, I deserve it, I am worth it. I AM WORTH IT!

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No one should ever trust you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You're a pathetic weaselly bastard.

I'm free. How's your karma?

I'm laughing at you now.

You just wanted my innocence.

You never touched my soul.

My innocence is intact, BOO!

I see you, you bastard.

I will be watching you.

oooh, i have lots of these. i could go on for hours, but i'll refrain!!

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What a f**k*ng sickjerk(s). UGH

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