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  1. those that say get over it, say people use theri trauma for attenton or made it up iw orry people wont' believe me or take my pain in wrong way, i am hesitant to express myself and who is ahre this with as some people can be so cruel and evil minded.. i am traumatized for life
  2. Research has shown certain herbs, diet, vitamin excercise can help heal/manage emotions, help balance endorphins etc.. B vitamins are great for stress, Reishi Mushroom and Asparagus root are supposed to help with healing trauma and anxiety etc.. Would it be ok to post them for people on this forum suffering from these issues? just as something they can look into with doctor's approval of course?
  3. thank you very much! lol I've been flooding the forum with my posts
  4. thank you all so much for the warm welcome!
  5. Just wanted to say hello! so glad to have found this site.
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