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  1. Hey Sundragon! First of all, I am concerned because of the information in this post. I just want to remind you that this forum is public so even non-AS members can read it. I would suggest that you contact a moderator to have it moved hun. I am sorry for what you've been through. But I think that you are super brave to share this with us! Remember you are not alone. You've come to the right place! -Purple
  2. Hey Nikki! I know what it feels to hide what you feel. You are not alone! Feel free to message me if you wanna talk. -Purple
  3. You sound like a very strong person. Remember, it is never your fault. I'm sure that you can heal!
  4. Hey Ashley! I hope AS helps you as much as it helped me!
  5. hey stacy! don't be scared, we are all here with you along your healing journey! if you ever need anything, i'm always here
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