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  1. Early this morning I drove to Church. The doors were open as I had hoped. I had a very long and peaceful time alone with God. Very good for my soul. Wrote a letter to a friend who is in bed ill today. Talked with my little parrots when I got home. They listened! Katherine
  2. Yes you did and you are very welcome here! Katherine
  3. Greetings Munchkin and welcome! Yes, AS is a very safe and friendly place to come and I hope you find help and comfort here. Katherine
  4. Welcome to AS Sammi! I hope you feel more comfortable soon and will share with us. We are all very supportive here. I joined 4 months ago and I realy love it! AS gives me such a safe feeling and I hope you will feel the same way. Good Luck to you Sammi Katherine
  5. I made a nice dinner for myself....a "balanced" meal. Then I spent some extra time with my ferrets and laughed really hard at their antics! Katherine
  6. I have learned to live again and breathe right here at AS. Welcome! I hope you find the support and friendship you need right here. Katherine
  7. Many malfunctions this week......I just had a couple of paragraphs drop out of sight!!! What's up? Katherine
  8. Hello and Welcome! After reading your post I believe that reading others posts on AS might help you to open up a bit. It certainly did for me and my healing has progressed very quickly now! I am delighted that you have come to AS and hope you find your stay filled with new friends and much healing Katherine ...........just one day at a time
  9. Well, Hello Phoenixx Welcome! I know you will enjoy your stay here at AS. Great friends and great support! Katherine
  10. Oh Danielle, you have been through so much for one so young. It takes time....and I can't tell you how long either...to heal and to be able to continue with your normal daily life. You can't hurry this process. I hope you are working with a therapist. I know about wanting to push all of the past aside and return to a normal life but this will come in time. All of us at AS can listen and give you support on your journey to healing. I want to wish you luck and let you know that I will be here to give you a hug if needed Stay strong and I hope to see you posting again soon. Katherine
  11. Personally I would choose not to share your experience with her. I would although, teach her to be very careful and cautious with where she goes and who she is with. Frightening her with your past may not be right at her age especially. I didn't share my past until my daughter was 19. Katherine
  12. Hey!! GREAT! Glad you are back, Joy Hope AS can be a good part of your life this coming year and we hear from you a lot. I have had so much support and my healing is nearly complete. I wish this for you and send you a hug ooops, sorry, that was a kiss and a hug....oh well Merry Christmas Katherine
  13. Merry Christmas from one of the most beautiful places on earth!........which is anywhere I am with my hubby! Katherine
  14. I am glad I left my selfconscious feelings about myself with my last stupid X husband! Now when I go out in my running clothes no one cares! It's normal around here to see people out enjoying the beautiful fresh air. He wasn't a physically active person and hated it when I enjoyed running. I feel much better now in my new relationship. Katherine
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