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  1. Would it be beneficial to have some info on date rape drugs on this site? I mean, most people don't go, oh yep, I had this mixed in with that.... What does admin think?
  2. A little bit of validation coming here - I remember one night I was crying to a friend on the phone and just going, 'I promise, I promise I didn't want it, I promise, I didn't want it to happen.' Then he said, 'why are you blaming yourself then?' I said, 'Well sometimes I think, what if I did want it to happen? But I know I didn't, I promise I didn't.' And then he said words that I will remember for the rest of my life, 'Well then you didn't. You don't sound like you wanted it. You KNOW you didn't want it. People who want it don't struggle with scars like that years after. Just accept that you didn't want it and it wasn't your fault'. Ah. Medicine to the soul. A portion of the population is actually sane. Yes, it can be done!
  3. A couple of day after being attacked by a stranger, luckily unsuccesfully, I put up a fight and he ran away : grandmother - she seems a bit jumpy in public places, it's a bit weird. I think she needs to see a psychologist. [if it wasn't so sad this line would be funny]. Stop worring about getting attacked. It's all about the way you behave yourself. If you behave yourself properly you won't get attacked. [another shocker by grandmother - ffs I was walking from the beach in shorts and a shirt, I was just walking, I was doing nothing else]. 10 minutes after witnessing the attack by mother: Stop worrying and stop being hysterical. Go back to your room and pack, we need to go now, you're wasting time. You taught him a good lesson, he won't be so brave the next time. 2 minutes later after I locked myself in the bathroom: Stop it! I don't know what you're getting upset about. Get out of my bathroom please, if you want to get hysterical go back to your room (we were staying at a hotel), just please don't do it here. I've already told you I'm proud of you, you taught him a good lesson. Friends: ignore me since it happened so they don't have to talk about it.
  4. I went to therapy. I wrote a poem in therapy. How embarassing. I also drew pictures and talked about the pictures. Surprisingly, this sort of thing works! OMG I told myself I would go for a run now but now I feel sad and dirty and unloved. And angry. But I did buy myself a chocolate brownie which I absolutely had no money for. I ate it. It was my coping mechanism. It made me feel better.
  5. Oh, to no.1: you're also very original in your abuse methods. Congratulations
  6. no.1: Gosh you're good at screwing my mind no.2: You're a charmer, ain't ya?
  7. Welcome Bee! I came across your signature and when I read it, I thought it was just so amazing. Glad to meet you
  8. Past T -- "So can you go into details please?" Doctor -- "Well if you put it to the back of your mind and don't let it bother you then it's okay"
  9. Why did you do it? Silly me, I still can't help but ask why lol!
  10. I was going to get out of the house today but now I'm just so low. Must be PMS. Well, I made up a rules sheet in this house and start it to the wall where everyone could see. My house needed that. So at least I accomplished something.
  11. Thank you for such a warm welcome everyone
  12. I guess I should come say hello. I'm a bit scared about it all, but it's a step. So hi !
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