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    Reading, reflective writing and poetry, modern art, homeopathy, dance.

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  1. "What's wrong with you?" It makes my blood boil!!!!
  2. To the girls at school - Why for so many years? To my father - Didn't you know you were ill?
  3. It says there's a database/driver error. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. I've not been here a while, but I could really use some mutual support right now. I'll get to making a post now. Hi again everyone.
  5. Sorrel

    New Here

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone.
  6. Sorrel

    New Here

    hi. you can call me Sorrel. I am really hurting right now and need a safe place where my wounds aren't judged. I need gentleness. What I suffered was insidious, cumulative. I have the usual.. depression and complex PTSD. In long term therapy, on meds, etc etc. I'm really struggling with releasing my defence mechanims and dissociation at the moment, and am very split and scared.
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