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  1. Popping in to say hi and let you know you are important and we appreciate you :)

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    2. coffeeaddict


      Tired!  It’s been a busy week and looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  How are you?

    3. BrightSide


      do you have any plans other than a well deserved rest, for the weekend?

      My Therapist is off for a week so naturally I feel like its the end of the world before she has even gone away! Trying to be grown up and cope just as I did before I spilled all my secrets. Its not easy.

    4. coffeeaddict


      It’s not easy! I don’t currently have a T.  I used to get so nervous when my old at would go on vacation or have a week she was gone for whatever reason! I panicked like I’d never see her again!  I think we build bonds with our Ts that we didn’t have elsewhere. We learn to be childlike because we need it, but when they leave it’s like being a child sent to camp or to a safe relative’s house. We are ok, but we feel that bond being threatened just like a child does on the first day of school. 

      too bad we can’t just cry and ask to be held for another moment before they leave!  Kids get to do that!

      I’m going to watch some Motocross with hubby and let my ankle heal. I’m in the middle of a pretty intense book, so I want to finish that, too.  I have an acre of vineyard to tend, but our hills are steep and not something I can handle til I can walk properly, lol! Guess it’s lazy weekend for me!


      my PM box is open if you need it! T being gone is hard! Growing up is good but needs to take the proper time. I’m not T but can be a friend/sounding board :)

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