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  1. @ValkyriesRide Welcome to AS. I am sorry you have a reason to be here. The validation thing is sooo common. As Capulet said, even after loads of validation this seems to be sth a lot of us crave a lot. I know I do. All of what you said so far that you struggle with is very common. As for coping tips, there are many, depending on what you struggle with. People here are usually happy to help with any worries or questions someone may have. That is what this community is all about. Exchanging experiences, advise, support and just being there for each other when we can. For me, I find I cope best s
  2. Welcome to AS, @Tryintosurvive. I am very sorry that you have a reason to seek out this community, but I am glad that your friend told you about this. This is a safe place, full of kind and supportive people. I hope that reading about the experience of other people who have been through trauma might help you feel less alone, and that if you have any questions that you feel you cannot ask or have answered in real life, you might find some answers here. You say your trauma happened only 13 days ago. That is such a short while ago, although I understand those days must all have felt like eterniti
  3. Welcome Meggers! I didn't talk about it for along time either, and like you internalised and self-blamed until I couldn't ignore it anymore due to my mental health. I guess sometimes it just takes a while for us to get to a place where we can deal with it. It is never too late to get started. You are not alone here, no matter what you choose to share or how you choose to use this space.
  4. Welcome to AS! I know how scary the first step of signing up and writing that first post is, but now that is behind you I hope you find that AS is a really safe, supportive place where you can talk about your trauma if you feel like it or just look around and feel less alone with your struggles.
  5. @Emmloren Welcome to AS. I understand feeling alone, and being worried that you might not belong here. I was scared about that too when i first joined. Many of us go through a lot of self-doubt and denial after a traumatic event. I hope you feel less lonely here on AS and that you get the support you deserve.
  6. Welcome @Heart. I was also very scared of talking about this in real life and have found that 'talking' about it on here and writing it out first often helps me also open up about it with my T or partner. I hope you find a way of breaking your silence and wish you all the best for your healing journey.
  7. phoenixxx


    @Striver I echo everything the others have said. You are welcome no matter how long ago your trauma happened and regardless of whether you are a man, woman or identify as neither. I hope you find some people here that you can relate to - I found that particularly helpful.
  8. @GentleDiplodocus Welcome!! You are definitely not an imposter and as you have guessed you are not alone in feeling the way you do. I understand the need to be validated and the relief you might feel when others confirm that your experience counts, and your pain is not insignificant in any way. Although nobody wants to have experienced what you have gone through, feeling like you are lying or exaggerating is often even worse. Especially because the pain is real, whatever way it expresses itself. I hope you find lots of validation and comfort here. You deserve it
  9. Welcome Rising-Phoenix. I like your username . I am sorry that you went through a recent trauma. I understand your feelings but it doesn't make you in any way unclean!! Nothing that anyone else does ever has a reflection on you, just on them! It is great that you are already reaching out to others here. Being around people who understand what it is like to go through sth like that can be really useful to feel less isolated or alone. I hope you find lots of comfort and support here!
  10. You are definitely not alone. This is quite normal as far as I know. I continued meeting up and talking to some of the people who hurt me for a year or more - like you it took me a while to see things for what they were. I still find it hard to believe that what they did was wrong and that it wasn't my fault because they were people I knew and thought were good people. It is very confusing especially when there are emotions involved. I am glad you found AS and hope you find lots of comfort here.
  11. @Flori Welcome to AS. Many of us got triggered by the #metoo movement in some way or other. I am sorry it has affected you, too, but I am glad you found AS. This is a wonderful place full of amazing people. It's never too late to start on this healing journey. I waited 10 years before I was ready to start too. Introducing yourself here is a huge step, not a silly little thing. It takes courage. Hope you find lots of support here.
  12. Welcome to AS, Rosie! Hope you find lots of support here. I am sorry for what you have been through. You are not alone here.
  13. Welcome back, @Scared1. I am so happy that you have come so far in your recovery. It is very kind of you to want to give back to people here. Happy to have you and to help out with the tech stuff .
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