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  1. Thank you all so much for the responses! I can't tell you how comforting is it to know I'm not alone, and that there are such kind people out there. I know it's a silly little introduction post, but you've already made me feel so welcome. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm Flori. I don't exactly know what to write or how to even begin my story. I guess, I came seeking a safe place after all of the "Me Too" posts started circling around social media. For those who don't know: because of all these women coming forward about their sexual assault towards certain celebrities, people are taking to facebook and posting "Me Too" if they've ever been a victim of sexual harassment/abuse. This is meant to show the vastness of the issue. I didn't post, and I never would because I'm not ready to let that part of my life out in to the general masses... but seeing all these public "announcements" of abuse/harassment so simply put and blunt, triggered panic in me, and almost anger. Anger I think because I find social media such a selfish place, and these people are only posting for sympathy or attention (I know it's totally not the case, but my mind wanders there). More angry that this has lumped harassment and abuse into one simple two-word declaration. Angry that a cat-call has the same potency as a R***? Again, I know there are some making these posts that have genuine feelings put into them. That it's therapeutic or healing to come forward to family and friends, and I feel for them so greatly my heart hearts. But there are some who don't know the fear I have, or the pain, or the guilt, or the mental issues that come from a little more than a cat-call out a car window. Now, I have panic and fear because it has brought back memories for me, and KEEPS bringing back memories every time I see one of those gosh "me too"'s... So I've come here. I'm ready to speak about my story, and work through things that I should have been working on the last 10 years. Instead I buried them, pretended and denied my feelings. I can't do that anymore.
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