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    origin of mankind, ancient past, spiritual thinking, meditation

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  1. Heart

    Thank you

    Thank you for all your kind words, It allways seems so much easier to keep quiet, remain silent, not heard and deeply bury the past out of sight out of mind... its going to take some time to find the words to describe events past that I have spent all this time hiding from, I thank you all for allowing I to express this here on this forum Thank you Heart
  2. Hi one and all. Thank you for allowing I to join this forum, It means a lot, I have been living for 40 plus years in utter silence as a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, never really knowing who to turn too or even knowing if I could place my trust in another human being let alone talk about it, I was dumped into a Childs home and left to fend for myself against all kinds of abuse even now Im too shocked to talk about, hence the reason why Im here, I need to find a way talk or write it out, if that works, I don't know It wasn't until recently when someone (not on this fo
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