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  1. Hi, @madeline. I saw your post in @pattyr;s story. I wanted to say that I can relate. I was sexually abuse by my female babysitter too. Always wished that my mother had paid more attention in selecting her or had come home unexpectedly to check on me, but she never did. Eventually, I told, and the babysitter was fired. But, it really traumatized me. I'm so sorry that your babysitter abused you instead of taking care of you. 

  2. Hi Chelsea - you can post in the help desk section and one of us mods can try to help you add a photo. The site is in need of an upgrade and difficulty uploading images is a glitch that many members are experiencing because of it. Sometimes one of us can add the images for you but not always.
  3. Hello.  I just joined AS today and mistakenly signed up, somehow, as a supporter when I am actually a survivor.  How should I go about fixing this?

  4. Hi my first day here.  It is a bit overwhelming.   But I am glad I am here.


  5. How are you, Madeline? I think your due date must be very soon. Thinking of you and will pocket ride and bring you extra strength on the big day.

  6. Dear AS members, When using the status updates feature of the board, please remember that these updates are public and visible to all others. Members can't choose whether or not to view status updates because they automatically show on the index page. Please keep your language clean and your content non-triggering; save any discussion of triggering content for regular board posts with appropriate topic titles and trigger warnings so that everyone has the chance to decide if they are in a space to read this kind of material. Sincerely, Your AS moderators
  7. Welcome dogsoverpeople! I saw your post in the help desk section and replied to you there
  8. Hi Haymer, Can you share where you are seeing incorrect usage and how you would prefer it to read?
  9. Welcome Goewin! I also like that about this board.
  10. Same issue. In the past 24 hours every time it has taken 8-10 attempts of username and password to be logged on.
  11. Hi. I was an active member for a while, until about 2 years ago I think. I left when my partner and I started trying to get pregnant. My son is now 11 months old and I have actually had a good long reprieve from the worst of my PTSD symptoms and have been managing very well. The past has not been a daily part of my life until the last month or so. I have started to really struggle with intrusive thoughts/images and memories again. I left a message for my old t to see if I could meet with him (haven't been in about 14-15 months) and found myself reading on this forum again. I'm not sure how ac
  12. You all are so amazingly friendly and open! I've only poked around and posted a few things but I feel such positive and supportive energy here. I'm gonna stick around, okay?
  13. I am new. I found this site while doing research for a paper for school. I decided to join. I read some people's stories and even wrote something of my own down. I figured I could give a proper introduction. I am 25 years old, live in the northeastern US. I'm graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology in less than 3 weeks. I live by myself, with my dog. I don't have much contact with any of my family, my adopted family or my biological family. I have been in therapy for.....oh, a million years. I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals as a teenager and finally had a really go
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