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  1. New Here

    hello and welcome
  2. Hello everyone.

    Hello and welcome
  3. First day not sure what to say

    thank you everyone
  4. First day not sure what to say

    Thanks you Bluesclues. I hope you were able to read all of Under the Moon even though the first part is nice the whole poem is great. The poem was written while locked up in a house by an older man in 2006. I finally got away from him and moved to Washington D.C. now I am in MN with my family. I got remarried and now have a wonderful wife, 3 step kids, many new friends, 2 sons, 2 dogs, 4 cats, (3 are moving in temp. we have one cat that is ours), and maybe I am finally free of abusive people hurting me in ways most do not speak of. MichaelJoseph
  5. read the whole poem see second posting I am going to have them delete the one that did not have all the lines of the poem.

  6. Hi I am new today.  You have been here a while.

    just started to read the mens forum

  7. First day not sure what to say

    Hello everyone I found this sight when I called child help line. I was glad to find After Silence.
  8. Hi my first day here.  It is a bit overwhelming.   But I am glad I am here.