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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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I would say 

I’m taking my power back

you have made me resilient

You’re to blame not me

Because of you I’m strong 

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- The truth will haunt you. 

- What is done is done. 

- You are your own plague. 

- What goes around comes around. 

- Survivors are the real winners.   :throb::throb::throb:

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On 2019-01-17 at 5:09 AM, amallison0084 said:

I am stronger than you

So incredible, admirable, wisely true! 

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"I have to forgive you"

Hanging on to all my anger, rage, sorrow, fear, shame, self-doubt, and every other negative feelings I have is not going to help me find peace within. I just wonder, what kind of victim are you? Who hurt you? I'm sorry for whatever happened. I hope there is support for whatever pain you are holding on to. I know I will heal. 

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Is the experience of
or self-satisfaction
that comes from learning of
or witnessing the troubles,
or humiliation
of another.
Those who have it coming.
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