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5 Words To Your Perpetrator

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rage, deep pain, fear, shame


more words 

imagines slamming your penis in a door and your hands and tearing them off so satisfying!!!! 

real men don't molest their baby girls even children and as teenagers

you are so not worth my time so tired of it all being about incest

hope it was fun for you, sure as hell wasnt for me, decades later

eat. my. shit. 

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I will ruin your life......

your world will fall apart.....

You will pay for this.....

one day when my molester no longer serves any use to the world I will tell the investigator " it's time ". For now his sickly mother needs his support..... I just can't go after him knowing his mothers bad situation. I can't do it. Sure he's hiding behind his family like a coward, but she really does need him......

*frustrated sigh* 

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15 hours ago, TimidHeart said:

Seriously, f*** off and die 

That is a good few words put together. You said how I feel some of the days. :clap:

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