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  1. I am so sorry x
  2. @Calm forest hi there. Sorry for the reasons that brought you here and hopefully you can get some help and understanding.
  3. @Out of the Ashes welcome to AS. I hope we can help you heal x
  4. @PurpleBee hi purple bee - loving your bee! Hope you get what you want from the forum. Many of us find it such an amazing lifeline we couldn’t do without x
  5. @Duckumbrella hello x welcome to our family- you will find lots of support here. X
  6. Pawsey


    @Nichole77 hello xxx we are a lovely crowd and will understand anything you have to say. I posted my story on here and it helped a lot to share. Anyway, welcome again
  7. @Bloom2B welcome, hope you get what you need here. I am absolutely sure you will. xxx
  8. @tshirt40 hi there and welcome. This is an amazingly supportive environment filled with people who understand each others in a way no others can. It is a place to seek understanding and support. I have made some great friends here and have found amazing support. I hope to have given it too. I have simalarish issues with my daughters. I spoke out for the first time, properly, last year. My daughters are adults now (24 and 18) and they went through so much when they were growing up due to my illnesses related to the trauma. I have now told them I was sexually abused in the workplace and about reporting to the police. I now wonder how much I should reveal to them. On the one hand, it would help them understand better, but on the other, I am their Mum and so worry about revealing to much (does that make sense). But I do want to tell them, to explain, so that they cam maybe try yo understand why I behaved the way I sometimes did. I may share my story with them, not sure yet. So, I understand your situation. Oh, we do manage to laugh as well here though. Anyway, welcome.
  9. @sarahoknow welcome Sarah @AKB notice I did not use the hammer. Sorry @sarahoknow instead of waving to people I have been hitting them with hammers! Not a very friendly welcome.
  10. @SIBwISSUES welcome - this is a wonderful community
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