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  1. New and Looking for Help

    @WanderingandLostWell I read quite a few posts before I actually found the courage to comment anything about what happened to me. I know how alone you feel. My family knows what my father did to me but basically ignore it because they don't believe me. I knew not to tell about my teacher assaulting me because I wasn't believed before so why would I be now? Only I found AS and I got brave enough to actually write what happened. Just a few sentences but still. It helped so much. There's no judgement I've encountered here only support, understanding and encouragement. Perhaps writing it out may help you. Whenever you're ready tho. No pressure just safe hugs and understanding
  2. New and Looking for Help

    @WanderingandLost Welcome 😊 i'm still new here too but I'm so glad I found AS. I'm sorry for the circumstances that led to you needing to be here but we're all here for you. This is such a good community for help and support and just someone to say "you're ok" "you're not alone".
  3. Another night of no sleep. I just wish I could sleep. I mean really sleep. Like normal people do. Without nightmares. Or night terrors. Just sleep and actually be able to rest instead of fighting in my dreams and just be able to feel safe.😩

  4. Hello, I'm New Here

    @PurpleBee Hi I'm new here too and im sorry circumstances have happened to lead you to be here but we're all very supportive and caring here from what I've seen so far. I've had a hard time trying to deal with everything that's happened to me and I feel that this is a very safe and caring environment to be in and definitely non judgmental. We're all here to listen and support each other. Hope this site helps you in your healing process. Sending some positive vibes your way.
  5. Light house

    Patriciag are you a photographer? These are gorgeous and peaceful😊
  6. Welcome Home

    Steiny looks so precious. How's he settled in so far?
  7. Just FYI

    Please be assured that I will not judge you. You did nothing wrong to deserve to be assaulted. No one does. I will not be upset or freak out if you were to comment. And no I have not been abused by a female only 2 males however the females in my home( mom, older sister and aunt ) knew my dad was doing this to me and my older sister and ignored it so to me that is just the same as if they'd touched me also.