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  1. How do you add warnings to posts? Kidnap warning. My daughters are 25 and 26. My 26 year old would not understand any of my story. She would probably say "well you shouldn't have let that happen. Stop telling me this." Yesterday when I talked to my 25 year old daughter (K), who I know to have a loving heart, I made sure I didn't throw in drama or emotional expression. I talked with monotone and just vague facts. Last week the movie she wanted me to watch was "Split," which I HIGHLY recommend to AVOID. It is about girls kidnapped. Calmly I told K when I was kidnapped, I constantly thought about what to do to escape. When he told me how he was going to kill me and hide my body in the caves, I thought "at least I want my body found." So I ran and he pushed me to the ground and started kicking me. I don't need to tell her details, because those details don't need to continue through another generation. The trauma stops here with me. K said that she disassociated from the drama in the movie and just watches it as a plot of twists and turns. My husband watched that movie with her and he found it very difficult, because he is a retired school principal and has seen much real life abuse cases. My husband knows most of my story, but it hurts him very much to hear it. He doesn't need to know the details. The other day when I put emotion into my talk with K, she ran off. I thought she didn't care. I wanted to react by telling her horrible details so that she WILL care. However, when she ran from me what she really was saying (which she verbalized to me later) is it makes me sad to learn that this happened to you. I care for you and it really hurts me to hear this. Use caution when telling family is my experience.
  2. Thank you to everyone here. I am slowly crawling out of the hole. I will know next time to not even attempt to watch such a movie. I had lunch and window shopping with my daughter today. I told her that I was trying really hard to be fun and upbeat. I told her sometimes mom's can't always do the right thing because we are still human. She is so sweet to forgive. We had a good time together. My husband came home from his trip today and needs to realize I need me space, my alone time, right now. He is sweet to understand.
  3. My situation happened 30 years ago. Triggers have reduced considerably. Most of my world I can live normally again. However, there are certain movies I know I still need to avoid. Yesterday my adult daughter wanted me to watch a movie, because "it is so goooood." I stayed watching a bit too long and I cannot get the image out of my head. I then told my daughter that I had been kidnapped and it's not fun driving with a hand around your throat. My daughter ran from me and I realized I said too much. I don't want to scar my daughter. I need to talk with someone because I am back into an emotional hole even after soooo many years.
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