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  1. Newbie saying HELLO

    Hi RayaHope, I'm sad that you are here because you feel you need to be but glad that you came! This is a very supportive place and hopefully another step down your road of healing. Good thoughts and prayers, S x
  2. New and Looking for Help

    Hi Wanderingandlost, A big warm welcome to AS I am still fairly new here too but have found everyone very supportive and understanding. You have taken a big step coming here and now you are hopefully headed on the path to healing. Just take things slowly, one step at a time and know you are not alone. Good thoughts and prayers for you, Sarah x
  3. I’m new and not sure what to do

    Hi VincentVidel You will find lots of understanding support here. Well done for taking the plunge and coming here. You did the right thing. Sarah
  4. Hello, I'm New Here

    Hi PurpleBee, Welcome to AS. While its is sad that you feel like you belong here, I'm hoping you will find much support and understanding while you work through what has happened to you. Its daunting being new here at first but hopefully you'll soon realise you are not alone. Good thoughts and prayers, Sarah
  5. Hi I’m new

    Hi Duckumbrella welcome to AS Its always mixed emotions welcoming new members because its sad that you feel you need to be here but glad at the same time that you are I haven't been here long myself but have already found it a very caring and supportive place. x
  6. I am also a new member

    Hi tshirt40. Welcome to AS I am so sorry you suffered in the way that you did. I hope being here helps in your healing. You will find It is a place of understanding and support. Sarah xx
  7. New Member

    I have been in exactly that situation Bloom2B. In a room of 8 other people and feeling like an outcast. But always remember there are people who care about and you never on your own.
  8. Just saying Hi

    Hi back Struggling88 Nice to meet you!
  9. newbie

    Welcome to AS sleeping@last. You will find lots of support and kind words here. You are in a safe place. Sarah xx
  10. New Member

    Hi Bloom2B. Well done on finding the bravery to join AS! I'm still quite new here but it hasn't taken long to feel part of the crowd You'll find nothing but support, friendship and kind thoughts here. Welcome to the next step down your road of healing Sarah xx
  11. Just saying Hi

    Thanks Hiddenheart. I am finding it scary facing up to things but the support here has been fantastic. Bless you all xx
  12. Just saying Hi

    Thanks silentg. It's difficult after keeping it within for so long to think about letting it out but having people like you there reminds me I'm not alone in what I went through. I'll add you all to my prayers. xx
  13. Just saying Hi

    Thanks Mary. I'm hoping I'll work through some longstanding issues here and hopefully help others along the way. Sarah xx
  14. Hello

    Hi Gordy, I'm new here too and I'm already finding it a friendly, safe place to be. Hope you find what you are looking for here.
  15. Just saying Hi

    Thanks Hoping8 and Pawsey for the kind welcome. Its a bit scary being here, probably because I'm facing up to the fact that I need to be. Bless you both Sarah xx