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  1. Hi, I might be wrong, but judging from the amount of time you've spent not just replying to other peoples posts, but also thinking about what to say in your replies, I'd say you're not a waste of space. I'd say that someone who, even though they have their own pain (past or present it doesn't matter, the fact is that pain is pain) is prepared to help others, to care about others, to spend time helping those they have never met, very probably has a lot more right to breath and catch their breath than a lot of other people. In fact, now that I think about it, someone who, like you, are prepared to go that extra mile to help others is a true blessing, never a burden. I've read quite a few of your comments on other peoples posts and you are always so kind and thoughtful. Please, try and find it in yourself to show that same kindness to someone who I'm pleased to call a friend. Her name is @amallison0084
  2. Hi I've made such good friends here. I've found help, advice and support from my and other people's posts. I also find this and easy way to say how I feel and keep a record of how I feel. I hope we can help you reach your goals
  3. If I can help. I will.

  4. Your right YOU didn't ask to be raped YOU have done nothing wrong And maybe most importantly of all I BELIEVE YOU. We all do. I'm new here, still finding my feet. So I may not be able to offer as much help as others. But I'm here for you. We all are.
  5. Hi I'm a 50 something year old man in England. My whole life has been driven by what happened to me as a child. My life style, joining the army, my work with kids. Even the character I invented as a comic. All driven by abuse. Oh, and I've never done something like this before ever. So please bear with me
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