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  1. Thirteen days without a smoke. My brain's just noticed. Freaking out. ARGH!

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    2. LuthienTinuviel
    3. missfrier


      well done that amazing  u can do ti


    4. limbodante


      Cheers everyone for the support. @fallenstar I smoked the last of the packet and decided I didn't wanna do it anymore, it just hit me how stupid and disgusting it is, how much money I must have pissed away by now having been a smoker for I think four years, and it hit me. I've not had any cravings until a couple of days back when suddenly my brain's freaking out coz I'm not smoking :/

      Funny thing is, my previous record is two months. Then I went to a convention thingy where eeeeeeeeeeeveryone was smoking and vaping and I couldn't take it. That convention happens to be coming up in another three weeks or so :P So to beat the previous record I'm really gonna have to get a grip :/

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