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    love, healing, compassion, understanding, friends, music, singing, reading, surviving...and being a mommy to my daughter

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  1. Yes it is possible. It took me 5 years but I don't think about it every day. Maybe once or twice a week and I'm sure with time even that will become less. It's no where near as often nor as debilitating. My past doesn't rule my present anymore. It's a nice feeling. You can get there too Also, I too felt at times this site might have done more harm than good at a few times during the years. I used to live here, but many times I needed it. I need the support and understanding. I was unable to function in the real world and this was my safe place. I have had several therapists tell me they didn't think I should be here. They simply couldn't understand needing more than therapy and pills to feel better. Seems the more I heal I less I need AS. I've gone months and months without coming here. It makes me feel bad cause I miss it but at the same time most of the time I struggle reading posts because they will just drag me back down and I don't want to live in the dark numb place I spent so long in anymore. It's not anyone's fault, just part of the healing process I think. I rarely see anyone here who was here when I first joined and when I do it's obvious they are not where they were all those years ago. Everyone heals and life goes on. Those in the very depths and core of their struggle now will most likely find themselves in a very different place in a few years. A happier place where their past haunts them less. It seems unfathomable but I never thought it would happen either for me, but it has.
  2. Facebook.

    Thanks Vera Good to know. SAHM=stay at home mom
  3. Facebook.

    Let me know if you do make a page for this site or if its possible or whatever...also if anyone wants to be FB friends I'm all for it. I'm on FB all the time! Most of my updates are about Audrey lol. I'm a SAHM so my life isn't exciting really. But yeah...I would love to have some AS friends on Facebook.
  4. New

    Welcome to AS! I hope you find the support you need here!
  5. New=)

    Welcome to AS! We're sorry for the reason you are here but glad to have you here with us
  6. Hi I'm New

    Welcome to AS! I hope you find the support you need here!
  7. The Inner Child Thread

    My inner child wants to run and play and cry and scream all at the same time.
  8. Hi, This Is My First Post

    Hi! Welcome to AS! I hope this website is as helpful for you as it has been for me. Take your time and look around to get a feel for the place. There are lots of great people here. Take care and hope to see you around the boards!
  9. Hi

    Welcome to AS!
  10. Gone For A While

    Welcome back!
  11. I Feel So Alone

    Welcome to AS...you are definitely not alone! I'm sorry for the pain that has brought you here, but I hope I am able to help and support you in any way I can. This site has helped me for years now, and its full of understanding and caring people. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. Take care
  12. Hey I'm New Here

    Welcome to AS!
  13. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    You will never defeat me
  14. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    The other day I was at a write in for a contest I am doing called Nanowrimo where I am trying to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. My roommate and boyfriend were there and at one point they were joking around about molestation. They both know what I've been through. I just wanted to scream at them to stop, but I didn't cause I had just met everyone else there and we were in this tiny little coffee shop where everyone would have heard and I just would have made a spectacle of myself. I feel really hurt that they did that.
  15. The Inner Child Thread

    I'm sorry I keep ignoring you. I just don't know how to handle things yet. I'm sorry that I keep jumping in and out of treatment, I just rely on feelings way too much, and when I start feeling better I quit and then crash again. I'm sorry for making us see so many therapists and for jumping around so much these past three years. I promise tomorrow I will go make an intake appt and I will do my best to stick with therapy. I'm also going to color tomorrow, and John said he'd color with us! I'm very excited about that and I know you are too cause you've been bugging me for days to let you color. It will be fun. I love you