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Getting another cat

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I am very anxious about being judged. But this little kitten has no where to go. She'll be safe and loved here. I just hope my two cats adjust okay, they're such sweethearts. I'm fearful of my mother in law being upset.  She tolerates our pets. I wouldn't otherwise take on another animal, but if we don't this kitty won't make it long and no shelters will take her. 

Got her a bed and toys and such. Will get her here in about 14hrs. I'm awake instead of sleeping. Gonna spend the day cleaning. I need to try to sleep a little more. Just feeling nauseous. Leave it to me to turn fun exciting things into awful feelings. I'm a pro at it. Always fearful of the worst. But though it drives me nuts, I'm always pleasantly surprised when things don't go to shit. Ha. 

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