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Warmer weather

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Had a good weekend. Very busy, but in a good way. Grocery shopping, kid's soccer games, tried teaching the kids to ride their bikes, and some time with friends. All my friends are facing such huge changes, good and bad. Possible job loss, sick relatives, pregnancy. I do my best to offer support and advice. 

Finances are a mess but my mother in law has helped us. I hope we can be back on our own feet soon. It's hard at this income level. Too rich for assistance, too poor to afford all the bills we've racked up. But it's our own fault. We will fix it. 

I'm just trying to push forward. Not ruin things, when my present life is not horrible. Please brain, let's leave the past in the past. 

I'm come so far on this journey. Joined this site back when I first started healing. It's a life long process. So many ups and downs. Ugh so much pain. But it can get better. I'm better than I used to be. I must hold on, keep fighting. 

Hoping I can keep this more positive outlook as the temperatures drop this coming week. 

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