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Trying to stay distracted

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I'm trying my best. Trying to enjoy the weekend. Finally, some nice weather. Kids soccer games tomorrow. Trying not to think about how many people will be there. It's difficult. So, my focus will be on my kids and ignoring all the people as much as I can. Luckily, it's outside and so I won't feel too suffocated. Hopefully. My anxiety has been so off the charts. Trying to recover from shopping today. Luckily, got it done early before it was too busy. 

Just trying to stay busy and distracted. Will be busy with school and soccer for a month. I should be able to stay stable enough for these weeks... Busy busy busy.... It helps. Ignore the issues. 

Hopefully I can drive soon too. Haven't drove since November. I need to drive. I need to get my license. I'm 32yo. I need to get it done. Need need need. Busy busy busy. 

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