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  1. Hi Lindy I would like to cancel my account the site has been wonderful but I no longer feel the need to be here and would like to have my account removed can you please assist me on how to go about this as I have been unsuccessful in navigating my way as to do this.  

    1. S.A.I.


      Hi Lindy. I would like to delete my account. I am thankful for the great site and help I got here. Could you help me please? 



  2. Am not sure how to send PMs? Can you send me a PM with the password to the trans forum thing?

  3. Lindy


    Hello Laura, and welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry for the reasons that brought you here, but I'm glad you have found us. Hugs, Lindy x
  4. Thank you, Samii. This has been edited.
  5. It's fine for me (I'm using the Tulip Skin). We're scheduled for a major update soon, and the entire look will change. We will let you know in advance.
  6. There have been several threads started on this subject. Currently, under the Healthy Healing Exercises subforum, there is an unsent letters thread which you may contribute to if you wish to do so.
  7. First of all, my apologies for the inconvenience these delays may have caused. Karen is right - there are dozens of registrations that need approval daily and that takes time. At times, I am unable to validate every single one of them right away as I have things in life to take care of, which is why we suggest waiting a minimum of 24 hours for approval. And at times, someone isn't approved because they did not receive their validation email. In that case, I wait a while in case the server is having a glitch or a delay, and resend validation emails. Most of the time, they are sent to a spam f
  8. Chat should be fixed now. My apologies for the delay.
  9. That's a great suggestion, comet. We're definitely considering adding this option. Thanks!
  10. The reasons why guidelines in the "Share your Story" forum were originally changed were due to new replies to older threads were pushing new stories to the bottom, hence gone unnoticed and frustrating for those who just shared their stories in that forum. If a member were to update their thread in that forum, while it will remain in another page, it still shows up when you click, "View New Posts", therefore it does not get missed. At the present time, a second chat room is not possible but we will keep that in mind should our circumstances change. Should the staff decide to revert those ch
  11. This thread has been started for you. Take care.
  12. Wolfie, can you please PM me with specifics? I don't recall doing this for anyone - our software simply unallows us to do so. If I had a way to do it, I would.
  13. At the present time, we do not have the ability to change joining dates. Should anything change, I will let you know. My apologies for the inconvenience.
  14. I have some information that I previously put together for my survivor site. Let me see if I can find it and I will post it.
  15. Since dreams/nightmares are a part of dealing with the aftermath of abuse, would a sticky topic work?
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