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  1. Hello, I would like to suggest some sort of topic for those who have completely healed (if that's possible) I think it would bring a lot of hope to others, especially new members. My first time here, I asked so many people whether or not they were healed. I wanted to know if they still thought about their experiences on a daily basis. Basically I wanted to get an idea of what I was in for. I can also see the difficulties in such a topic. What if no one completely heals? If they do, would they even come back to this site and talk about it? I am probably too new to fully understand yet. A
  2. Hi IanEvans My advice would be to let her know that you're open and willing to talk about it. Assure her. Let her know you're ready if and when she is. I would then leave it at that and not bring it up again. I can't say this from personal experience but i f I tell my girlfriend, I wish to God that's how she reacts. Good luck.
  3. lol, apart from sleeping, i just started cleaning my house also and now I'm on a break, in here.
  4. comet


    Well today I had a good day. The best day I've had since. However, right now I feel like crap. I feel like I'm headed into a long miserable life. It's funny, if I had 1 wish right now, it wouldn't be for money.
  5. Today I'm going to the mall by myself and hopefully find something good
  6. comet


    Thank you for the welcomes. I find this site to be extremely helpful.
  7. I looked at this forum but most importantly this thread. This thread has given me comfort that I cannot put into words. Just reading about people who are able to do things that make them happy once again has definitely put a lot of hope back in me. I hope that one day I ,too, can let myself sleep a little while longer or enjoy a movie.
  8. comet


    Hello, I'm new. Not much for me to say as of yet, but I can say that this forum has given me 1 thing that I have desperately needed, and that thing is something to look forward to.
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