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  1. People are usually stupid. They cant get it, they are mostly retarded. I emailed my uncle with admitting about abuse, he visits us every day and for 5 months didnt say a word. all i can do now is LOL. because he is super stupid. once i realized they are unimportant and retarded, i deal with invalidation better. I dont seek it anymore. My mother is also stupid and will never get it, my sister is denying abuse and living her pathetic FAKE social climbing life - she is pathetic, i pitty her. they are nobody important. i made many friends who got it and had nice response to it and appreciate that. even some who said "dont use abuse as excuse not to get better", it didnt piss me, that's their opinion they have right to it, i dont emotionally depend on their response.
  2. Couple of weeks ago when i tried to register to this forum it was unsuccessful. I registered and waited for confirmation for few days without any luck. Noone responded to my emails where i asked why i cant register. In the end, I asked my online friend from USA to register if she is of better luck. After waiting for a few days she got confirmation, and thats the account I am currently posting from. On my inital acc I never received anything not even answer on my email. Those were hardest timea bc i just found ouy about CSA incest aand had great need to talk to people a lot, few days were a nightmare. Cant this be prevented from happening again?
  3. Dear Young me, I am proud of you, you are strong, you are dealing great with this. I promise I will get you out of there. I know this all is new to you, you are used to blaming yourself, you are afraid to lose mom and dad, and sister, to see they are mean. It's hard to accept it, I know. It hurts. i will not let people hurt you anymore, I will not let you lose good people who are out there, because of bad bastards around you. Nobody can hurt you. NOBODY. You deserve respect. It's not okay that someone tuches you, or forces anything on you. It was bad, and not your fault. I will not give up until you are free.
  4. Dear Young Me, I wont say I know how to save you from suffering, because your pain is huge I cant make it go away. Its there. I am very sorry. I cant change that it happened. I only want you to know that you might consider staying, not checking out, it's more pleasant for you to forget, turn off, I know, but I will be here if you manage to stay... with the pain. It's better for you long term. There are people who do love you, they are here, I love you, you can always come to me. Hear you again. I hope you are hearing my words. I know nobody cares for your pain, and I want you to know I do, and it was real. You dont deserve that pain, you didn nothing wrong, you didnt cause it. I am angry for you, it's not fair. AT ALL. Not F*cking fair. Bastards. I should kill them for you. Stay with me. Love you.
  5. Dear Young one, I know I didnt talk to you before. You are confused. You have no clue whats going on. Think this is okay. I want to tell you thats not okay, it doesnt mean you are bad, you dont deserve this. If you want me to punch her, I will? I am sorry you have to witness this, your soul is innocent, I am so sorry you are going through this. I wish you start talking to me, it's been long time,but I know you can. I promise you I will get you out of here, you will not be there anymore, that's not the place you should be. You dont belong there, and you dont deserve this. People who hurt you should be punished for that, I will do it. Talk to me. Love you.
  6. thanks everyone. i dont understand why i cant access chat, though
  7. hi i found out about being sexually abused by family member(s) recently. Moved my story to subforum for that
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