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  1. Hi, Well done for joining. Working with animals will give you such satisfaction. I currently work with dogs and was involved in res uing them. Although its hard work, it s so rewarding and the animals make everything worthwhile. Good luck with your hdaling and chosen career path. Laura xx
  2. HI Ladyphlox, I'm a new member of the board also. I' sorry for evereything you ent through. Well done for working through things and deciding that you are going to take your life back from the things that bother you. I'm only just starting this journey really but I found your words to be an inspiration to me. Well done and thank you. Laura xx
  3. Thanks guys. I very much appreciate the warm welcome xx
  4. Hi All, I'm new here, snce being assaulted 9 days ago. I'm sorry for the reasons everyone hs hd to look to the sit for support but hope that everyone gts what they need and what they're looking for to help in their recovery. Take care, all, Laura xx
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