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  1. Am not sure how to send PMs? Can you send me a PM with the password to the trans forum thing?

  2. Hello. You can call me Freak Or, if you're more comfortable, Charlie (not my real name). I'm sixteen, though my birthday is this summer. I'm sorry but I really have to say this first and foremost: I'm not a girl. Please use neutral or male pronouns. I'm genderqueer. I'm an outgoing kind of person, a busy, social teenager who outwardly appears to be successful, smart, and well-adjusted. On the inside, I have emotional issues on top of emotional issues, haha. Some of which, obviously, stem from what happened. So... yeah. Here I am. I've only told one person, on the internet. I figure talking about it here will help me get ready for the real challenge: telling my family.
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