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  1. Welcome to After Silence I can relate to feeling nervous and scared about opening up. I was also invalidated many times before I finally opened up again on this board. Just know that we are here to listen as you are ready to share. This is a safe space and we do not allow for judgment of others. Take care, Nicole
  2. Hi fall, You may wish to review the Rules & Guidelines forum for information on privacy and internet safety in general. There are a few threads that have been posted that you may find helpful with your questions. A note to all members, everyone should be familiar with the rules and guidelines of this board, as membership here is contingent upon understanding and following them.
  3. If you can access your posts by searching from your profile, then your posts are on the board. They may have been bumped down the line by the newer posts, but they are still there. The only forums that do not work this way are the Welcome and Share your Story forums, this way newer posts and stories aren't overlooked. I hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if I can help you find any of your older posts.
  4. Great ideas! I have also been spending more "beauty" time. Instead of rushing to get ready (which I do because I am always late - working on that one too) I allow more time so I can really be in the moment of washing my hair, shaving, washing my body, putting on lotion etc... My newest is the lotion. I bought a nice bottle of it and I take time to put it on my body and touch my body parts like I love them. I sort of say affirmations as I do this as well, complimenting myself on different body parts instead of thinking negative thoughts about them as I am used to (I also have an eating disorder
  5. Cooking healthy meals for yourself, even if you are cooking for one (which I now am) Dates with yourself! I have planned nice quiet evenings at home with a movie, book or some good music, cooked a nice dinner and instead of getting dressed up I'll put on my favorite comfy clothes. It really feels good and can be extremely healing. I felt totally spoiled the first time I did it!
  6. Welcome to After Silence This is a wonderful, supportive and non-judgmental place, full of wonderful people. I hope you feel comfortable here and we can help you on your journey. Nicole
  7. Haha, sonnet, you are too quick! You got ahead of me! Here is some information on our new team: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=37802
  8. -Nicole-

    I'm New

    Welcome to After Silence I am sorry for what brings you here, but glad that you found us. I know that it took me a long time to be ready to deal with what happened to me, to be ready to face it. It is a courageous step you have taken in joining us. We are all here to listen and support you. Nicole
  9. Welcome to After Silence, Jess You'll find lots of wonderful, open individuals here. I hope we can help and support you on your journey. Nicole
  10. Welcome to After Silence I am sorry for what brings you here. I think sometimes not remembering can be more frightening that what we remember. I have triggers and body memories that I don't always recognize or understand, and I hate that. I hope that you will find some comfort and support here, this is a very understanding and empathetic community. Nicole
  11. Welcome to After Silence There is no time frame for healing, nor any rights or wrongs. It is a unique and individual process and a very difficult one. I have been in that place where I felt I should be over it, and then I had to surrender to the reality that there is no over it. We get better we heal, but it never goes away. That said, it does get drastically better! You have taken an important step in your healing. Keep going! Nicole
  12. -Nicole-

    New Here

    Welcome to After Silence, Chelsea Take your time and don't feel like you have to do anything you aren't ready for. Set your own pace and do what you can. We are here to support you when you are ready. Nicole
  13. Welcome to After Silence, bearhug I hope you got your validation sorted out? Anyhow, there are many members here who have worked with the Courage to Heal and the workbook. I think we have various threads on it which I am sure a search would produce. As for chatting, 25 posts isn't a lot, but it gives us a chance to know you and you a chance to know us Nicole
  14. Welcome to After Silence When I came to this site and began my healing, my family didn't know either. I eventually told my mother but still not my father. I tried to once, but he was not responsive, that is his personality. I also felt the need to speak out, and I been able to do so a bit. It was an important step in the healing process for me. Take your time here and open up as you are ready, you have to set your own progress and do what you are comfortable with. I hope we can help you on your path. Nicole
  15. -Nicole-


    Welcome to After Silence, jgirl Reading your intro reminded me that I am also coming up on my 10 year anniversary this fall, and we are the same age too I am sorry for what brings you here, but glad you found us. You don't have to post your story if you aren't ready, and if you are never ready to share it that is fine too. When and if you are though, we are here for you for support and understanding. Nicole
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