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    I am saved by Jesus Christ. He healed me and saved me...If you want to have help HE is the answer nothing and nobody else

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  1. just talking about this to somone in person who you can trust is very helpfull. As i have been through this myself i know this helps to a point. I found that praying to jesus and asking him to help me with this was the greatest help of all and now i no longer struggle with it. You need to do what works for you, so by starting to look for options and working on them is the first step. These might be but not limited too, talking to a counsilor, doctor, pastor or just a freind who you trust. And if they betray your trust look for another. And asking god for help will help if you are ready. B
  2. hi firefigher and welcome, you have suffered somthing in the near past that has greatly affected you. To move on is somthing everyone has different ways of doing, but talking about what happened here and to others will be the first step i think, take care and keep posting
  3. Hi and welcome, im sad for what you have suffered, take gentle care and keep talking about it : )
  4. hi becksta welcome to AS, : )
  5. hi forever hurt, welcome to After silence, you are most welcome here robbie
  6. hi forever hurt, welcome to After silence, you are most welcome here robbie
  7. hi jenifer welcome here to AS
  8. Hi Zaemeh, welcome to AS robbie
  9. hi hannah welcome to AS robbie
  10. welcome to AS brent i hope you feel at home here soon and can post and find healing for the bad things you have been through that brought you here. hugs robbie
  11. hi jenifer welcome back to AS im robbie and i have been dealing with child sex abuse and domestic abuse good to see you have come a long way . keep posting and if you ever needed to talk im here too robbie
  12. hi blake and welcome to AS
  13. hi and welcome to AS i hope you start to be able to post on whatever it was that brought you here. bringing it up can be realy stressful but in the end it can help too i hope you can keep posting you will find everyone helpful here take gentle care robbie
  14. hi thesolesurvivor, welcome to AS. It must have been very dificult for you to go to that center. i coulnd never think of going there. you were brave.
  15. hi and welcome here!! if you need to talk im here, im glad you could find us here and im glad you can talk about what you went through and get some peace you so deserve.. take gentle care robbie
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