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  1. jgirl


    Thanks, John! The ED forum is actually what brought me here....but I have really found everyone to be amazing! And thank you for the support. For someone who has a really hard time asking for help/support, this has been (so far) a very positive experience! An dit's only been 24 hrs! lol.
  2. Welcome! I just joined, too.....and already I feel supported. I hope you find the same!
  3. jgirl


    Thanks Ashton and Nicole......btw, LOVE the Tori quote, Ashton!
  4. jgirl


    Thanks everyone....I really appreciate it! I will probably post in the ED forum....I dont think I'm ready yet to share my story in the "share your story" forum - I've talked about it in therapy but never written/said the whole thing. (As I understand, this forum is just for introductions?). But it means a lot that there are so many wonderful, kind people here!
  5. jgirl


    Hi everyone....I usually am not a group person, but I thought this might be an easier place to start! I found this site after searching for sites about eating disorders and trauma. I am 27 and this fall will be 10 years since the rape. I think only now am I beginning to understand how deep it goes, while I am struggling to get support for an eating disorder.
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