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  1. tinr

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    thank you all for being here! Sallythecamel, I really hear you, it was similar for me my mothers husband molested my sister, his daughter and I. My sister told my dad the first time it happend, he sent the sheriff and socal services to my moms and she lied and said nothing happend. It the continued for 7 years, as we got older realizing what was happening was wrong. We finally told my mom and she beilved us i guess, there was also mental and physical abuse from her. She has since said once that she thought something was going on, but thought we would have told her. she also said that
  2. tinr

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    its great to know that i'm not alone, I'm from a very small town where everyone seems to know but no one understands. I dont wish what happend on anyone, I feel for all who are here because no one should have to go through it. Also I am very greatfull for everyone here. I am in councling to help me deal, i am finding alot of what i do and how i respond to things is very normal, but i know i have to eventully tell my story in detail to move on and that to me is like knocking down a big huge wall. I'm scared to do it and am fighting it every step of the way, even though in the long run i kno
  3. tinr

    I'm New

    I'm not sure what to think yet, this is the first time i have done anything like this, I looking for help in how to deal and not to feel so alone. I was molested for 7 years as a child and teenager, and am finally dealing with it now as an adult after trying to just push it away and forget. I look forward to getting to know every one!!
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