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  1. yea, i don't really see the point of it either...and also, it seems kinda patronizing....like, I am 30 years old, I don't want a reward chart for good behavior. I have seen it on other forums, i just don't "get it"
  2. thanx vera ahhh its nice being back to the same old same old again lol
  3. yep, its different....erm....anyone know any way to uncentre it?
  4. welcome to AS im sorry ur strugglin so much with all of this...but glad u decided to come back to support boards. just take ur time here...anything ya dont understand feel free to post and ask, im sure eveyone will be really happy to help ya learn to navigate the site... its daunting for lots of people in the begining
  5. heyyyy..welcome to AS ps, i loved your tittle too lol
  6. i agree, it would be helpful to have an area of the boards dedicated to this. sadly, it a crime that has affected many of our members here, and i think it would really help to have a dedicated place for people who may otherwise be too frightened to speak out, to begin the long process of trying to come to terms with this kind of cruelty. im not sure what an apporprite name for it would be. I dont like the terms child porn either, it makes me feel sick to hear the media refer to it in this way. i dont know..sorry, cant think of a simple term for it that really reflects what it is.
  7. is this just really for survivors of childhood sexual abuse which has been perprtrated or covered up by the catholic church i take it? sorry, jsut tryin to understand exacly what this is meant to be about and what catagory of people it fits for
  8. sounds good in theory...however, in practice, im not sure how it would really work. what i mean by that are...well.."simply life" style topics...those could be things like "i got a new kitten today"..or "my son said his first words" or....im going on a road trip to visit my cousin out of state"..sounds all very innocent..and of course, they Are all innocent topics, and im sure would make for some lovely, light hearted convos....however.... not if small helpless animals trigger somthing awful for you.... or not if you lost a baby thro some tragic circumstance... certainly...talking about be
  9. does there eally need to be a whole institute to support this...surly its up to the individual patients to speak up if they are not comfortable with a medical procedure, or feel they havent had a procedure fully explained. Ive not really got too much of an issue with doctors 'seeing' my body while in hopsital...i mean, if your ill and needing care and intervention, then, way i see it, its really no time to be clinging onto modesty..doctors and nurses are not really 'looking' at your body anyways...they are acting as professionals, whos job it is to care for people in times of sickness. just
  10. sonnet

    New Here

    hiya saffy im talkin to ya in chat as i rite this! heheh hope the ice skating its lotsa fun brill to meetcha xx
  11. im so sorry, not only for the pain you suffered at the hands of your abuser, but also for the hurt and betray you have everyt rigtht to feel now, towards those who turned thir backs on you and ignored all that was happening. pleae know you will b listened to here, always xx
  12. hiya Kes, your in the right place hon : )just wanted to say hi, and check in with ya today..hope your doing ok? thinking of ya xx jax
  13. i agree with all sed in this thread. there is No place for intolerance in our society, whther that be racism, homophobia, Xenophobia, or sexism. its is unjust, outdated and is not now, nor has it ever been needed as part of a healthy community or indeed society. Sexism is illegal everywhere else ( im not denying it still happens, as do all other illegal activitives, however, it is Agaist the Law) society recognises this as a crime agaisnt our human rights. therfore, i feel strongly that it should be activly stamped out wherever it arises.
  14. is this an american thing? im in scotland...dont think we have these comercials here at all...on any issue. never ever have.
  15. sonnet


    didnt realise ya had gone in the first place! lol, i really should pay more attention!! *note to self, take heed in future!* anyways...welcome back hon, im glad your here and..have a smurf, cos im giving em to everyone today lol
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