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    Pulling through the mud to bloom like a lotus flower

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    I love reading. I read fantasy books, books about religion, memoirs, books about different cultures. I also love music. Listening to music and singing along makes me feel good, even when I'm having a rough day. I hope to do something to help survivors but when I tried before, I just didn't do well and had to quit volunteering (due to triggers).

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  1. Welcome to AS. I think that you'll find this to be a very supportive place to visit. I have really found it healing to hear other people's stories and read that their feelings are often very similar to mine. No one understands survivors like other survivors. And as I post replies to their messages of self doubt or guilt, I find that I heal from my own guilt because I realize that it wasn't anyone's fault but the people who chose to hurt me. I hope you will find AS to be a safe place to come and talk about this very tough stuff. I'm glad you're here. -Amy
  2. I'm glad you found AS, but I'm sorry that you have a reason to be here. I have found this to be wonderful, supportive site. I was raped many times by my ex boyfriend. I never even called it rape. But then I got a call from a detective investigating my ex for 2 new rapes. I was victim number 2 of 4. I reported sexual abuse, I didn't even call it rape when I reported it. Now, 16 years after I left him and 10 years after he last tried to contact me, I am really struggling. It was causing me problems all along, but I just couldn't face it. So I know what it's like to deal with the afterma
  3. I am a Pandy's member and am looking for other supportive sites for me to explore. Your use of the lotus flower in your logo is very inspiring. Anyway, I just wanted to try a new message board out and meet some new people in the survivor's online world. Thanks for listening. -sayit
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