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  1. Hi Salty Thanks for the clarification - by the way did you get my PM last night? Hugs, Bear
  2. Hi Jo You mean - in the new post or such - putting a warning message like 'may trigger you'? Yes? Sorry I am a bit confused or are you referring to the chat rooms too? Bear
  3. I went to the shops - did food shopping but I bought this ice magic chocolate topping for my ice cream dessert tonight
  4. Hi Nicole, Thanks for the reply - I got over 25 posts and sorted out. Now for The Courage to Heal - I haven't heard any replies re it yet. I am interested in using that book with another survivors and discussing together etc. Smiles, and thanks for the warm welcome. A
  5. Welcome here I am also new too - few days now. You have made a huge step by coming in here - way to go A
  6. Smiles thanks Fuzzysnowflake I like to read and do the posts too - A
  7. I didnt know about those ribbons - the only one I am very familiar the pink ribbon for breast cancer. We should have a recognition day for Teal ribbon - you know? A
  8. bearhug4u

    New Here

    Hi Chelsea Welcome here - I am also new here. Just check out the fun forum things like silliness, or books that you like to read etc when you are not ready to share heavy stuff. By the way - baby steps You made the first baby step - A
  9. Hi Tikka Many thanks for the welcome - yeah it has to be done manually by one of the admin person Vera. I resend the validation like 6 or 8 times! A
  10. Thanks again By the way I like your bear with the heart. Cute I am looking for a care bear stuffie toy for my lil part inside. She was asking me the other day that she wanted me to buy one for her as I never got her anything but other things like picture books, crayons, but this time she is asking for a care bear. She wanted one to cuddle at night before going to bed. I am still working on getting to know the lil part - even most of the time I ignore her needs but I am trying my best not to (I just don't admit that she is part of me) A
  11. Hi I am also new today too. We stick together and we will get there A
  12. Thanks Jo I didn't realise that until I read one of the forums re chat room. It is so frustrating - I have to work hard to get enough posts to pass with flying colours. It is like I am outside the room full of survivors looking out for each others and talking, I am behind the thick wall - putting letters under the door for support etc, until 25 + posts then the door opens. A
  13. Thanks - I am still frustrated because I am new and in my own thoughts - often I think negatively - that noone cares but I know that is not true bear
  14. Hi I am new and I am still having trouble getting the validation email which means I cannot look at all forums or even online chats. Very frustrating. Anyway I am just curious if anyone uses a workbook called the courage to heal (yellow covered one) I bought one last year but I barely started on it. Bear
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