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  1. Hi, just checking in. Hope you’re doing okay. 

  2. Hi, I hope you're doing okay. Safe hugs! 

    1. ski.t


      Hi Blues. Thanks for checking in- that was incredibly kind of you. Sorry I didn’t respond, just trying to stay above water for now. 

    2. ski.t


      @Bluesclues I hope your move has gone smoothly, you’re settled in, and doing well. ❤️

  3. This darkness is just a lack of light 

    1. Bluesclues
    2. ski.t


      Just trying not to remind myself I’m in the darkness because of an external factor- not because I’m a completely awful person. 

    3. Bluesclues


      If you ever need a reminder of that just dm me #deep and I'll send you all good vibes and reminders of what a wonderful person you are just from what I've seen. You are far from being awful, like you said this is on them. Idk if you saw tryingtoseethelights post on "it's not you that's broke, it's them" or something like that, it was a good reminder. 

  4. Going in for a job interview- could use all the luck you can give. This job change can really change things for me. 

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    2. ski.t


      I interviewed with the president of that branch of his company this morning and after going over it all- it seems way less overwhelming. I was basically offered the job- have to go in this week and discuss the hiring details but it seems like it’ll be good. Thanks for being thrilled for me- I’m more of a mess right now than anything. 

    3. ActivistAlly


      I'm happy for you!  I hope you'll be okay even with this good news as it is change and that can be stressful.  Supporting you!!!

    4. Bluesclues


      Holy cow that's amazing @ski.t ! I'm glad it didn't seem as overwhelming after the pres described it. Even though you are a mess, people see the good hard working, smart young woman that you are. Great things are coming @ski.t

  5. What if I don't have the energy to fight anymore, what if I'm too far out. 

    1. tuliptorn


      Sometimes I visualize putting the fight in a box, putting it in a drawer and walking away. Then I try to find a way to recharge and take care of myself. Even if for a few moments. I learned this from the trauma program I been to a couple of times. It helps. Skitty, I know you are struggling big time but you can make it through this. Safe, big hugs.

  6. But the sun also sets...

    1. Bluesclues


      Then Stars and moon shine

    2. limbodante


      And then it rises again ^_^

  7. -You have made me stronger -I will never stop healing -The truth will come out -I wish you'd fucking die
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