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  1. Hrey. Having seen you around in awhile 

    1. Irishgal8026


      Hey, how are you?? No, I took a long break. But kinda coming back...

      Hope you're doing well... x

    2. LuthienTinuviel


      I'm well. Hope you're okay. A break can be good . 

    3. Irishgal8026


      I didn't get a notification that you replied.

      Break is good. Kinda in a better place. Can't be worse anyway.

      Are you sure you're OK?? 

  2. Hey Irishgal, haven't heard from you in a while.  I hope everything is well with you.  Take Care X

  3. Thinking of you. 

    1. lexip


      Is @irishgal ok?? xx


    2. Iheartcupcakes


      I don't know that anything is wrong. I just haven't seen her around much and wanted her to know I was thinking of her. 

    3. lexip


      I hear you!! hope she is doing well!

  4. How are you Irishgal? Thinking of you and hoping your recovery is going well. 

  5. What on my mind? Bloody spiders!!!

    Don't know what's going on but finding huge ones around the house!! So if I'm not already nervous and anxious already, the spiders are making me worse!

    This morning my son heard me screaming, (I've earth shattering screams when it comes to spiders) and he arrived into the kitchen holding his runner up to kill the spider. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! lol so I laughed! I had him already killed! Or down the drain in the sink.

    Literally check everywhere at night. Even my bed before I get in.

    I answered a post a few days ago about a wish list. I think I'll retract and say, I wish there were no spiders!!!!!! 

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    2. Irishgal8026


      When I complain about bugs, my family day, 'that's why there's spiders, to eat the bugs... ' as if they help!

      Yeah it's mating season now so they're out in their droves unfortunately.

      Keep your windows closed at night, and don't have lights on and windows open with the bugs... Not a fan of those either... 

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      follow the spiders why couldnt it be follow the spiders

      bloody hell

      tell those spiders ron.

    4. Irishgal8026


      lol no chance I'd follow them! lol

      Found another 3 today.. :cry::cry::cry:

  6. So today I received a letter!! I'm called for Jury Duty selection next month!! Whereas many people would hate this and dread it, I'm one of the few that would actually like this. I just hope I actually get selected. 


    1. MeBeMary


      :luck: Good luck on being selected! :luck:

  7. Random thoughts;

    I've counselling tomorrow which I'm dreading, I took a 3 week break as she needed hols and I needed a Tuesday afternoon off too. I'm shitting bricks actually. No real reason apart from every time I go in there, it's a reminder of why I'm there.

    I've family staying with me at the moment so that's why things are quiet with me. The remainder of them are arriving tomorrow. I've had a productive 3 weeks. Cleaned the house top to bottom, painted the place inside. Revamped the living room. Been pretty busy. And also went to see the Police. So, that's playing on my mind too.

    Feel like vomiting at the thoughts of tomorrow :(

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    2. Whisper


      Sorry you were sick. I'll pocket ride as well. I'm hoping that it won't be so bad once you get there. 

    3. Irishgal8026


      It went well!!! I was so ill with worry last night. I told her anyway.

      She's a lovely lady. Didn't want her thinking it was because of her. I just said that it's just a reminder and I hate the reminders...

      Thank you for pocket riding. I bought a necklace, it's got a love heart and engraved on it is 'PR coming through' PR meaning Pocket Riders. So when I feel overwhelmed and panicky I rub it. It's also got a the ribbon for sexual violence awareness and a lovely teal stone in it. 

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      Oh good!

      Your description of the necklace made my heart happy. I am so glad you have it. Remember we are always with you!

  8. Good. It'll make you feel stronger... Welcome trying...
  9. Hi Jersey, Welcome to AS. Glad you have found the site. It's really hard to know exactly how you feel, but know that each and everyone here has / is going through the exact same feelings. No does mean no. It's important in your own healing to realise your own feelings and views and not to be listening to anyone else. Some people are very narrow minded. You are not alone in this struggle and we all forward to getting to know you better.
  10. Hi Sarah, Welcome to AS, I'm glad you've found this site. It is very supportive. Sorry that you've had reason to find us here. But happy you have found it. I'm Sarah too. x
  11. Thanks for sharing. Haven't seen that. X
  12. Welcome Kayleigh. How are you? Firstly welcome to this site and I'm also sorry about the trauma that has brought you here. You are not alone. I understand the nightmares and flashbacks. I still get them. But learning to manage them better. My recent assault was nearly 3 months ago now, and find I'm still fighting a battle. But I know I'll win. Thinking of you and sending you safe hugs and thoughts
  13. thinking of you xx

    1. Irishgal8026


      Thank you B&B. I've been thinking and hoping you're doing ok too lately. x

  14. Welcome Jessica, but also sorry you've had to find this site. You'll get wonderful support here and we're all listening. I'm very happy you've rekindled your friendship. It's the little things that count that being a smile to your face. I also love the little emoticons
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