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  1. What is wrong with my country?

    I used to live in the Washington, DC area. It is called "The Crime Capital of the USA" and for good reason - it is a very dangerous place once you get away from all of the monuments and landmarks. I always carried pepper spray with me when I lived in Virginia. But if I had it on me when I went into DC? I could be arrested! All forms of pepper spray and self-defense sprays are banned in Washington, DC. I suppose that makes the criminals feel safe!
  2. My Story

    I was also beaten with a belt and then forced to take a shower. The water coming from the shower head felt like a million needles hitting my skin because of the large red welts from the belt beating that I experienced. I never realized it until recently, but I prefer to take baths over showers. I think the trauma from standing under the shower after my severe beating has made me adverse to showers in general.
  3. Finding strength in healing

    Welcome to the site. As Kmkz said, have a good look around. You will probably find others that have had similar life experiences and be able to learn and heal from their feedback in these forums. As for me? I have been away from this place for more than a year. I guess as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I start to feel the need to better understand myself and heal whatever pain I might have lingering from my younger daze.