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  1. When I posted my story I wasn't prepared for the response I had so I appreciate every one of you that reads this. I feel less alone. So now I want to open up more to everyone. The first So most people know when you say no to someone who wants sex or say stop i don't want this it's considered rape. Well not me. My ex BF raped me I said no. I said stop. He didn't listen. If he would have done it with a condom maybe i would have been okay with it i don't know. I missed my period that month and went a few weeks thinking i was pregnant. I also suffered really severe stomach pains. Where was he then
  2. @Field8 I dont feel super strong but thanks i appreciate your kind words
  3. @TeeGee All i remember was sitting in the bathtub with the water from the shower running on top of me. I don't remember the pain hitting me until a few days after because i was so drugged up.
  4. @Noleavesonthetrees I'm new as well. So welcome to you as well. I hope you find what you need on this site.
  5. My Story I don't remember the exact age I almost want to say I was 18. I was sold in an online auction to some guy in Aussie. For those who don't know what Aussie means it means Australia. The guy paid half of my price promising to pay the rest. Well the rest never came. Now these guys were stalking me and the suggestion is it was someone who worked at the group home I was in who helped drug me and take me to a condo by some beach. I remember the beach smell. They tied me up and beat me with a belt and called me derogatory names. I wasn't really coherent because of the drugs I was g
  6. Hey there! You can call me Stuck because I don't give my name out on forums. I'm 22 years old and a survivor of sex trafficking.It happened when I was 17 or 18. I dealt with it by subconsciously blocking it out of my memory until my plate got too full and am now finally dealing with it. In my free time I like to read, write, play video games, color, watch cartoons, sing, dance etc.... To help me cope and kind of overcome my trauma i love to read books and write. I love to create characters for my novels. One of my favorite books to read that i find really helpful for me is The Body Keeps the
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